BCA was formed in 2007, registered in South Carolina with the Secretary of State’s office, organized by Donald McCutcheon. Our office is located in Charleston SC, the BCA national headquarters is in San Diego.  Our goal with building this organization is to educate contractors on how lucrative this field has become, how to follow-up on solicitations and potential opportunities and position their company to meet all requirements and build capacity to grow their business for economic success.​​​​
BCA has grown and have many success stories with our membership and the partnerships we have built relationships with. We are a 501c-3 non-profit entity, our aim is to promote small businesses with opportunities whereas they will  give  back in the form of assisting other business  in developing new companies.

With the exceptional growth and success stories, a number of contractor’s have grown their businesses and many companies have gotten certified. It is our goal to be a voice for minorities, women owned businesses and contractors, providing these companies with information on outreach events, bidding process, contractual opportunities & agreement, and business certification.  ​​